NCPC-SA 2015-16 Highlights review

Author: NCPC-SA September 05, 2016

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The National Cleaner Production Centre of South Africa (NCPC-SA) is a programme of the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) working to improve industrial competitiveness in an environmentally sustainable manner. We achieve this through the implementation of Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP).
The 2015/16 financial year was another successful one for the NCPC-SA. Awareness of the Centre and the business case for RECP continues to grow,
with a lot more interest shown by companies participating in the RECP programmes.
This was evident in the overwhelming attendance at the NCPC-SA Industrial Efficiency Conference 2015, as well as the Centre’s first RECP training courses. Continued support from UNEP, UNIDO and local partners is a clear indication of the confidence placed in the NCPC-SA to deliver on its mandate and projects with an RECP theme.
Still the number of challenges in companies committing to implementation of RECP remains lower than it should. The daily challenges of business often
make RECP appear a “nice-to-have” – despite the potential benefits to profitability.
Overall, however, the year was one of progress in all core areas of work and impact of the NCPC-SA.”

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Michael Fegerl (2016-09-07 22:39:29)

Good presentation, including the RECP Assessment Highlights and the case studies for Rotapak Paper (Gauteng) and the Aj Policycling - plastic recycling.

The resulting impact facts from projects on industrial symbiosisIndustrial Energy Efficiency Project are impressionning.

The sector Guides could be interesting too, good to know the contact!

Four sector / thematic guides were developed: • EnMS implementation guide (poster infographic) • RECP Best Practice Guide for the Valve Manufacturing Industry • RECP Quick Guide – Textile Sector • RECP Best Practice Guideline for the Clothing Industry

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