RECP Experiences at Musoma Textile Mills Tanzania Limited (MUTEX)-Tanzania

Author: Cleaner Production Centre of Tanzania (CPCT) July 28, 2015
Type:RECP Experience Study

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Musoma Textile Mills Tanzania Limited (MUTEX) is one among the three textile mills in Tanzania owned by Mohamed Enterprises Tanzania Ltd Group (MeTL), the largest textile\r\nproducer in Sub-Saharan African countries.

The RECP training conducted by the Cleaner Production Centre of Tanzania in November 2011 has helped the industry to adopt several RECP options and as a result improving its resource efficiency and environmental performance. Some notable benefits achieved include resource recovery (Caustic soda), enhanced energy and water efficiency, emission reduction, solid waste reduction, waste water reduction and improved occupational health and safety conditions.

RECP implementation has enabled MUTEX to reduce rejects from 21% to 5.8% and increase the product yield from 89% to 94.2%. The entire RECP programme achieved a total annual saving of more than USD 293,322.

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